New roof rack

Someone from facebook taking my Overland roof rack Atlas series at RM750 (Bought it 2 years ago at RM2K). Hence give me a room for a new custom build to work on. Continue reading


2018 Indochina Overland plan: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

This Indochina overland plan comprises 4 countries, and yet to be finalized.  Based on quick research, I garner all stop points and international border crossings in one place just to get concise ideas regarding dos/don’ts, time, travel requirements and places. Total travel distance approximately 6,000KM with (estimation) 13 gas refills on return. Continue reading

Cold weather hits Klang Valley

Continuous rain and lack of sunlight the past few days causes the temperature down to 22c, and feels 21-19c with wind. Great opportunity to experience spring-like weather in Klang Valley.

God, thanks for listening our pray, and let it stay for awhile.

2017 Overland: Day 7, Janda Baik

We packed as early as 0800 before headed to floating restaurant again for quick breakfast.

Adam requested for boat tours around the Kuala Tahan and wife can’t resist. RM50 for 30mins to roaming around Kuala Tahan & Taman Negara border was a good deal.

Weather get hot by 1100, and we’re ready to leave Kuala Tahan for our last destination.

With one bar left on the meter, we decide to head on to Janda Baik, located 270km away from where we were, as it gets nearer to home. After 4 hours of driving, we finally arrived and look for hotel.

The villa are miles away from the main attraction area. Stayed at forgettable and overrated Villa (will update the name later) for a night (or two? ) just to stretching legs prior home.

2017 Overland: Day 2, Taiping

Kids being cranky last night, thus leave us few hours to sleep prior next route. Woke up at 0700, and done packing by 0930, we stop for a quick breakfast nearby, somewhere around Pulau Pangkor jetty terminal before headed to next stop, Taiping. Continue reading