Kids’s Ihtifal and KL

Our house renovation still in progress after passing 2 months. Everyone still piled up in single room most times but development appears mint. Kick off the weekend with mild workout on the park nearby and complete the saturday with Adam & Fatimah Ihtifal ceremony at UM.

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Defender – tube tire valve

Issue: Constantly flat after inflating gas in 2 3 days. Drop in NSS Bosch center for details. Its due to bad tire valve which runs on tube tire. Continue reading “Defender – tube tire valve”

Defender – Vacuum pump replacement

Hard braking presence and unusual noise came from engine. Suspected the servo failure. Sent to Alex Rakan Setia Motors for details and appear there’s air leak in the braking system due to bad vacuum pump. Continue reading “Defender – Vacuum pump replacement”

The thin line between anger and patience

Jim[about the Japanese troops camped nearby] It almost looks as if they’re waiting for something to happen…

John Graham: Yes.

Jim: They didn’t look angry or anything…

Maxton: It’s not their anger; it’s their patience.

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The last overland

Cross-countries is getting common of late, but not in 1955. The ‘London-Singapore 1955’ iconic expedition is akin to suicide mission but with proper workhorse they’ve through it in the most spectacular manner possible. It took 64 years to materialize the reversal route Singapore-London, and it’ll take place this month (Aug, 2019).

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The Nordic Model May Be the Best Cushion Against Capitalism. Can It Survive Immigration? – The New York Times

Swedes have long been willing to pay high taxes for a generous social safety net. But that willingness is being tested by an influx of refugees.
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Bye Everest

The journey together had dawned. Almost parting ways early this year after done full overhaul and bodywork that cost me equivalent to a decent Jimny SJ413 but reluctant to sell due to sentimental (read: bad market) value.

Alas, we said goodbyes in extreme way and parted recently (a month ago).

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Mardi – Sekinchan – Genting Highlands

Saturday 7 Apr – Had a breakfast as a kick-off in Shah Alam prior to Mardi Serdang, company relative from Singapore and last there up til lunch. 1700, took off to Sekinchan and called a night with Mak.

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Father forces daughter to walk five miles to school after repeatedly bullying classmates on bus | The Independent

‘This is my small way of trying to stop [bullying] in my household,’ the father says in the now-viral video
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2018 overland diaries

07 Sep, 2018 – Home – Changlun, Kedah
Take off from home at 2100. Pullover for dinner at KFC, after sent wife’s car at workshop.

08 Sep, 2018 – Changlun, Kedah
Reached Changlun at 0230, located 15KM away from Sadao Thailand border. Catch a sleep at T Hotel, next to travel agent for travel document preparation convenience. Packed a 20l diesel prior approaching border. Continue reading “2018 overland diaries”

Rig fix – Hard start issue

The lazy start finally fixed. Bet money on the starter motor, glad to drop-in K.e Tan Auto Electrical Service, Klang before taking a leap (right after cycling session). Learn it going to take hours, so sent my wife and kids off to home by grab.

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