Mudah vs MySimplifieds

Mudah is lack of several things compared to what mysimplifieds have been achieved so far.

Here’s what I came across after took a glance.

  • Clear directory
  • easy navigation menu
  • more narrow on categorization.
  • reliable, clean and modern looking.
  • sortable
  • Cater to groups with more focused interests.

In the long run, mysimplifieds seem to have an advatange over mudah. However, it will be different if mudah not to ‘ambil mudah’ of their weaknesses and not get too comfortable with what they have at the point of no return.

Mudah is a good site. You can see they harping their ads on everywhere and yes, people choose them because they’re easy, despite of being impractical in many important areas.

User will be getting wiser in choosing which site served them better, Initially, they tend to find something easy, as time goes by and as they grow smarter, they’ll know how to choose something better.

This is wake up call to mudah. For mysimplifieds, keep it up.

Anyway, did I mentioned about how cronic the mysimplifieds sound ? Here’s some of my suggestion, why don’t you change your domain to People, you may thanks to Mudah for this.

Cheers and Selamat Tahun Baru