Dear Pastor Terry Jones, How about burn yourself instead of the Qur’an?

My understanding, there is not much different between racism and religious intolerance. Both promoting hatred. As a muslim, who educated in Islamic school , I’m too aware about the similarity that shared by our brothers and sisters in Christians, Jews and Muslims. Our true message is always got to do with peace, unity and believe in Oneness of God.

We’ve been taught to love our neighbor, regardless the skin color, culture and beliefs. Hence, as an individual who uphold the peaceful message globally, it’s ethically right to put an end to any intolerance movement that cause tensions, that might cause wars.

Some of those so-called the representer of my religion on hatred basis, doesn’t reflect the true teaching of Islam as their claims.

Those people do not speak for me, for you, and for us. You just need to be super stupid to completely agree such act.. Ironically, all these radical voices seems to be louder than all voices of love and tolerance combined.

I don’t think the Pastor Terry Jones is a true Christian pastor. Few days ago, he told to CNN that he hasn’t finished read the Quran entirely, but merely a fraction of it.

Hence, I strongly believe he read the bible and didn’t missed any important point. Ironically, there is nothing in the bible stated one should disrespect any religions, instead of every religions should live peacefully together , respect your neighbor (even enemy) inspite of their differences .

His claims is too irresponsible and unChristian for many reasons.

People need to comprehend all these radical act got nothing to do with the religion teaching itself. It’s all about a hidden plan of certain extremist group , who are desperately need a forcement to allowing their horrible act in the name God.

Does burning the Qur’an is the only solution to portray the Christians’s dissatisfaction or prejudices towards the Muslims? I believe, there are millions of wise christians, even a simple minded person will never agreed such act. This is the question that Pastor Terry Jones and whoever on his side should answer.

Personally, I denounce this immoral behaviour ceased to exist. The Qur’an burning day would damage U.S image badly, which is known for its religious freedom. It will be triggered more opposite radical group to incite violence. It also will improve the mass awareness of Islam to global communtities (muslims/non-muslims), beside the matter-of-factly, to increase our devotion and commitment to Islam.

It’s a global responsibility, not to let the religion or race divide us from one another. Respect everyone as you deserved.

Dear Pastor Terry Jones, How about burn yourself instead of the Qur’an?

Peace and love,

LC marshal


2 thoughts on “Dear Pastor Terry Jones, How about burn yourself instead of the Qur’an?

  1. I’m absolutely with you on the voices of hatred, whether they misuse the Bible (with or without New Testament) or the Qu’ran. Religion does have potential to divide (as does anything else people feel deeply about), but also to unite; and sometimes it just seems to provide people who are looking for some marker to divide “us” from “them” with a suitable divider. It’s tragically easy to persuade people, especially when they’re confused or things are not going well, that any marker dividing people into two groups is dividing the good from the bad.

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