November 5, 2011 : Facebook will be history?

Anonymous announcing plans to destroy facebook, and have set November 5, 2011 as the date. I’m 100% cool about it, BUT WAIT, to blame facebook on selling x information to govt agencies? give me a break. . Don’t you think its your own duty to not exposed your shits in the first place? look at the people around you. There are some real idiots already violates their own personal life willingly. From ‘where they go’, ‘what they do’ and ‘with whom are they with’ in every second their lives. Come on, please keep such details to your mum alone. btw, Facebook just doing business, while Anonymous prolly for real democratic system.

Footnotes : my message is too clear and general, precisely refers to whats on around us and It got nothing to do with personal attacks. Please respect your freedom intelligently and learn to get rid of victim mentality, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the blame game in full swing. Blaming facebook, Anonymous, government agencies, your grandma or me is simply a shameful act of no-balls-ness.

Expect us, and great day

(Above notes was published in my facebook on November 5, 2011 )


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