Keep lying your life

Life. How do you feel about it? Do you have any specific idea of what interest you about life? Wait…Please be precise. Do you tell lies? I repeat, do you tell lies? Have you lied to anyone or at least to your own-self? Do you think lying is normal? or are you against it ? Why you against it? Just because you heard most people would say that lying is wrong? or just because you can’t prove that most people are wrong about it?

Easy, easy. Lying just an unavoidable part of us.

You can continue telling lies. to us. to your parent. to your sister, brother, or anyone you can name. but can telling lies helping you to achieve the life of your dreams? If so, that can be the cause of a lot of happiness.

No. You lying again. You don’t even have a dream.

Meme in action, somewhere in Madrid.


Footage of Pigeons in Sarajevo, Bosna Hercegovina

Feeling a little homesick when abroad is normal. Its also normal, sometimes you have those days or weeks you wish will end quickly, and some other day or weeks you wish not. Don’t let it bring you down, grab a bunch of friends and start to enjoy every little bit of it like local folks. Dive into the local activities; hits every bars, head to the market and do some proper shopping. Keep moving and go spread some holiday cheer.

This video quite random. It was taken during our random walks in Old Town, Sarajevo.

What’s wrong with taking risks?

There is always a chance to make our life better than yesterday, the question is, whether we willingly take the chances or not. But its not come so easy, as there is always a price to pay. Risk. Life is all about taking risks.

‘Think about it — Everything has it’s price. You pay for the choices you make in life. And you can pay for choices you don’t make (like natural disasters, accidents, getting robbed, etc.), and for what you choose not to do (for example, getting an education, unprotected sex, saving for a rainy day, learning a new thing, etc.). Some of the ways in which we pay are with our time, freedom, money, trust, peace of mind, health, relationships, privacy, sweat (hard work) and tears.’ – from Everything has a Price to Pay

What separates achievers from normal folks is their eagerness to take needed risks, and testing their boundaries.

Is there a limits?

Learn Russian, Anyone?

You may have a thousand reasons why you should master another languages. I am by no means an unformidable thinker. I always believe curiosity will broaden our horizons and help to make us smarter. All right, I just found one cool site that pretty useful for beginner, or travellers to learn Russian. The site teach you how to read Russian letters, phonetic practises, useful phrases, literature and more.

Enjoy the ride




What happened when a European Jew took the road to Mecca to discover Islam?

ore than 80 years ago, one man crossed the frontline between the Muslim world and the West – we retrace his journey.

“Islam should be presented without any fanaticism. Without any stress on our having the only possible way and the others are lost. Moderation in all forms is a basic demand of Islam.”

Muhammad Asad

Occupy Cal protestors: Riot Police march in to take down tents

Around 3:28pm (Nov 09) this afternoon, riot police were called in to take down the tents erected by Occupy Cal protestors. The protestors linked arms to form a line in front of the tents which caused a violent confrontation and a number of arrests. Continue reading “Occupy Cal protestors: Riot Police march in to take down tents”

‘Carlos the Jackal’ in Paris court One of the world’s most notorious terrorists, Carlos the Jackal, has arrived in court in Paris for the start of his trial.

Born Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, the Venezuelan – already serving a life sentence after his capture nearly two decades ago – faces charges he was behind a series of urban bombings in France in the early 1980’s. Eleven people were killed, more than 100 injured. Continue reading “‘Carlos the Jackal’ in Paris court”

Protesters Gathered Across from the White House to Protest Over Pipeline

Thousands of protesters gathered across from the White House to oppose a transnational oil pipeline they fear could harm the environment. The Keystone XL project would carry oil derived from tar sands in Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas. (Nov. 6) Continue reading “Protesters Gathered Across from the White House to Protest Over Pipeline”

My video: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Museum – Sarajevo, Bosna Hercegovina

This footage clips was taken in Sarajevo, Bosna Hercegovina – The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Museum. The place is believed to be where WWI started. The museum is really small, display every important information and details about the event (etc; weapons, clothes, assassins, )You have to pay 2eu for the entry. Continue reading “My video: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Museum – Sarajevo, Bosna Hercegovina”

My pick word: Ingenue (stock character)

The ingénue ( /ˈænʒənuː/) is a stock character in literature, film, and a role type in the theatre; generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome. Ingenue may also refer to a new young actress or one typecast in such roles. The term comes from the French adjective ingénu meaning “ingenuous” or innocent, virtuous, and candid. The term may also imply a lack of sophistication and cunning. Continue reading “My pick word: Ingenue (stock character)”