Ave you got some sort of problem , lad?

“Ave you got some sort of problem , lad?”
“Don’t think so, Master”
“Then why your department taking 17 hours to come out of solution when the rest of your opponent’s taking less than 14 hours?”
“I try my best, master” “Is that the best you can do, lad ?” Your best isn’t good enough , do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Master”
“Don’t ‘Yes, Master’ me, lad, try to figure out something about it”
“Yes, Master”
“I’ll be inspecting your routine again at seventeenth hundred hours, and if it doesn’t improve, I’ll personally ram you down the barrel and fire you at the Hun. Do I make myself abundantly clear, lad?”
‘Abundantly clear, Master”

– Inspired by Paths of Glory

“This ain’t training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed” – Unstoppable’s Frank

Author’s video: Random clips taken in the morning after heavy snow in Prague, Czech Republic


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