‘Parachute Jump’ : Between Discipline and Good Judgement

Neither Ashlock nor any other man in the plane had ever used a parachute.Or been trained on how to do it. McGovern had said to a veteran pilot at Mountain Home Idaho, “Colonel, we’re about through with our training and none of us have had a parachute jump. Shouldn’t we be trained in that?”

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The Colonel replied, ” Son, let me tell you something – when you get into combat, you don’t need any training on how to get out of that plane. What you need is good judgement on how long you can stay in. You’re going to want to get out if it’s on fire, if half the wing is broken off, if it’s in a spin. What you need is the discipline to stay with it as long as it’s safe. We don’t have to teach you when to jump. You’ll find a hole that a cat couldn’t jump through if you have to get out of that plane.”

McGovern came to agree. “There were lots of times I thought it’d be a lot of safer to jump out,” he recalled.

– Wild Blue, Stephen E. Ambrose

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