10 ideas how to kill yourself like a boss

There may be hundreds of reason’s why do you think suicide is definite answer to end your pain. I don’t bother to stop you.But wait, at least do it with pride. Below is the 10 ideas of how to kill yourself like a boss.

  1. As shown above  (video)
  2. Hold your breath for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Take pills to slow down your heart, until it completely stop.or
  4. Take pills to make you hallucinate, and jump from high building. or
  5. Take pills to make your heart beating super fast, to lead heart attack.
  6. Piss off or provoking a Doberman. Go for Pit Bulls for more thrill
  7. Use razor blade by slashing up your wrists following by take a shower with 1 (or 2) fingers in an electrical socket
  8. Drive blindfolded on the highway, or drive toward opposite direction from a moving train
  9. Strangling yourself with your right hand, while your left hand on paper shredder
  10. Handcuffing yourself and jump to the crocodile pool.

Or else, just stay alive. Kill oneself always a stupid things to do.  Always look on the bright side of your life.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” – Phil Donahue quotes

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12 thoughts on “10 ideas how to kill yourself like a boss

  1. 1. Walk into a police station with two submachine guns pointed directly ahead.
    2. Buy a box of grenades, tie all pins together to one string, pull them all at the same time,and lock yourself inside the room with them.
    3. Expose any politicians dirty secrets and then walk down any street.
    4. Walk around compton california yelling the N word (If you’re white)
    5. Steal some HEU from the uranium refineries in canada, sell it to north korea, wait for them to build a nuke, then go to ground zero when they test it.
    6. Go to vancouver and wear a chicago jersey at the sky train station after a cannucks game.
    7. Freeze yourself in your ex-wife’s freezer when she’s away for the weekend.
    8. Chase a grizzly bear’s cubs.
    9. Fire two ballistic combat knives into each ear drum simultaneously.
    10. Be a capitalist. You wont die, but your soul will.

  2. Interesting perspective.

    I’d watch your videos, but nearly every time I watch videos from someone’s website, my computer screen disappears and immediately goes into reboot. Kind of frustrating.

    Keep up the, uh, interesting work. :)

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