‘Sayonara Bolivia!’ – McDonald

McDonald’s leaves Bolivia healthier forever!  -After 14 years of presence in the country, and despite all the existing campaigns and having a network, the chain was forced to close the eight restaurants that remained open in the three main cities: La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

It is a question of the first Latin-American country that will remain without any McDonald’s, and the first country in the world where the company has to close because it persists in having their numbers in the red for over a decade.

The impact for the creative and marketing managers has been so strong that a documentary was filmed under the title “Why McDonald’s went broke in Bolivia,” where they try to somehow explain the reasons that led Bolivians to still prefer pies to hamburgers…

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One thought on “‘Sayonara Bolivia!’ – McDonald

  1. Jeez… Whoever did that documentary is biased moron who doesn’t really know anyhthing about urban Bolivia…

    Fast food is well accepted here, just come here for a few weeks and you’ll see it.
    Mcdonald’s failed due the fact that 60% of the population couldn’t afford one on a regular basis, so cut the crap with the social thing, go ask anyone and around 90% will tell you that they actually miss them

    We’re poor not idiotic tree-huggers

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