When social networks turn private lives public

Share every seconds of your private life to everyone is unnecessary things to do. There’s nothing more unpleasant than seeing a man ranting about their lame stuffs on day in and day out .

( By the way, I’m all for those expresses their opinion on something significant and shares their interesting life story like: travelog and such ).  


You don’t need to letting all hang out , for the facts of your existence. To be frank, real world don’t need the likes of you. No matter how pain, bitter or sweet it is, it should not go beyond you or the closest person to you. Don’t you have better things to do? It came to a stage that even what color of your underwear, and which toilet you use, the only things people know what you up to.

Sharing can be good when you exercised properly. Do it for the right cause, and right time. If not, you just waste your life,  people’s life and potentially dangerous to you.  Reveal your privacy is bad, and expose your strategy is suicide. Instead of reveals that, why not consider to handcuffing yourself and jump to the crocodile pool.


5 thoughts on “When social networks turn private lives public

  1. linking thoughts with events is a pretty tough job. For years I thought i was on the right track about something. But only recently I realized that I was wrong all along. This happened because I was holding wrong thoughts in my mind which judged actions as either “right” or “wrong”. But when that thought changed, my judgement also changed…

  2. Thanks for liking my post. I agree with yours, by the way. Way too many people give way too much information… makes me squirm!

  3. Totally agree! There’s a great difference between trying to give a meaningful contribution to the Internet, or simply boasting every second of your life as if it were that precious. But then again, I guess each of us takes advantage of such a powerful instrument according to their general approach to life. Nice blog!

  4. Great post! See, I know what you mean. :) I think so anyways… I never post what I can’t handle if confronted in person. I write a lot of deep inner stuff and writing, but never the master keys to my heart. :)

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