10 articles worth reading on my sunday

No doubt, there are more than 10 articles that really worthy, but I simply pick randomly from my read blogs list, subsequently based on their valid and interesting point . A great story often makes us think and feel their moment, especially something beyond our experience and understanding. Check out the articles by clicking the link below. 

Soundtrack of the day: Yndi Halda – Illuminate my Heart, my Darling


18 thoughts on “10 articles worth reading on my sunday

  1. Hello friend,

    Thank you for liking my posts. I am listening to your music video above. It is inspiring to say the least. I have a question for you. I often challenge myself (and others) to choose a photo or a picture and then I write a poem or a short flash fictional piece about that image. You strike me as someone who would enjoy the back and forth that this would entail. I am wiling if you are.

    You have seen some of my mindless writing, challenge me!


  2. I love being recommended to something, as then I know it’s test-run & it came out a-ok. I am drawn to the feminism biscuit one. I’m going to check that one out. Thanks for enlightening my day :)

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