Extraordinary small town, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubjanica River at Preseren Square

I went to Ljubljana by train from Mestre (nearby Venice). The journey took about 4 hours before arrived in Ljubljana at 2030.


While walking through a busy street and looking at the map, I’m approached by one Chilean  traveler asked me about which hostel do I stay, in Chilean Spanish. Too bad I can’t pick any fancy spanish  but replied him in English.

He’s laughed mildly. He said that I’m look like a Chilean , hence we began to introduce ourselves. Coincidently, we stayed at the same hostel that’s located nearby the famous Triple Bridges,  crosses the Ljubjanica River at Preseren Square. (central touristy element of Ljubljana) .

After done with check-in stuff and leave our luggage in a dorm room, we regroup in the lobby and head to nearest bar for typical backpacker conversation that last for almost 2 hours.


At first, I wasn’t expecting much from Ljubljana. I assumed it just small intermediary town.  Surprisingly, this small town has too much to offer, extraordinary combination of treats. Despite being  one of the smallest capital cities in Europe with approximate population of 280,000 , it classifies as the only Slovenian large town.

Strolling around the stalls and market was really worth my while. Retro-Yugoslav nostalgia, romantic atmosphere, numerous cultural activities, everything work together to create one of the most unique city I’ve been to so far, not to mention a wonderful friends I’ve met there.

Some say that having a good memory apparently equates to creepiness, I agree. Having a token of remembrance to someone can be evil. I prefer to not remember details, sometimes.


Soundtrack of the day: http://youtu.be/TWcyIpul8OE


20 thoughts on “Extraordinary small town, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Hey Air Squadron! I have really enjoyed your blog since I started following you. I just nominated you for the combination of 3 awards,the Liebster Blog, Candle Lighter, and Sunshine Awards. You have the option of selecting the ones you want or none at all (no harm no foul). The awards really mean whatever you want them to be. To me Sunshine is fun and happiness or for someone that spreads light on a new topic. Liebster I have heard is to promote new followers (I am a new one of yours). And a candle lighter is for someone who spreads hope. Your blog met all of the requirements for me to nominate you.

    Here is the link to my post of the awards for the directions (very simple).


  2. Hi! Thank you for liking my posts :) It’s been my dream to backpack across Europe someday when I had the time and money :D Nice photo!

  3. This is very nice reading and my memories came back about this town, which was an even smaller town, whn i was there, 14 years of age, now i am 60, wow what a difference, but the ppl were nice too then, i knew a family who lived nearbu and owned a retaurant and small camping, mind me Tito was ruling whole yugoslavie, which was communistic then and a weird goverment for them too, somehow there was no difference in beliefs then, allthough i am sure it has been not easy for the islamic ppl then due to Tito and stuff he ruled down on all off the ppl, i was swimming in a lake near Bled, we stayed/slept on a camping which was close to Lubjana, my father used to go for 6 weeks to either yogoslavie, France or Italy and even once to Spain, but that was in the winter, i always loved those long vacations abroad…… i really enjoyed this new vieuw on this part of the world, thank u:)

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it. By any chance you return to Ljubljana recently? I believe the different is huge from the past, especially after it went through several significant changes politically. Thanks for sharing your piece of story, Marjolein. Stay in touch

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