Deep Inside of You


The uncertainty of being risk taker leads me to nowhere and appeared as the gloomiest form in the past life that I had joined. The misery moment, the darkness world, the hard times, all sort of confusion, the long journey, the sad sky, all things combined into evil force that  try to stopped me from taste the awesomeness of life. ( I may exaggerates here )

Does being around happy bastards ever make me feel sad ? No.

I don’t mind at all. I don’t mind that I was thrown into the world of uncertainty. I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’m thankful that I was thrown there, thus hardened and transformed me to be who I now am. Thus, it unites me with people that care of me all this awhile. Thus, it brought me back to the God I only know. Thus, I came to know the angel for whom I destined worth fighting for.

I’m here for the first time, in this beautiful garden, impatiently and convinced that my eternal journey of young life come to an end.

Come the brighter sky, come. And now you appeared to me and saved me from the blankness of life and her’s darling love signifies eternal enjoyment and happiness.

Nadiah, I love you.


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