Dear friends, need advice for South Korea trip

Greeting friends,

I and my significant one are planing a trip to South Korea on 30 January untill 9 February next year (2013). Although 10 days may seem like a short time to discover South Korea entirely, we’ll try to make it possible. Anyway, what we’re really looking for is, something relax on the fast travel pace. Both of us enjoy scenic views, ancient temples, rural community and friendly local scene, and as many of you, we do not have endless funds.

We are scheduled to arrive at Incheon on 6PM (30 JAN). Based on my quick study, here is the cities that currently on our list: Seoul, DMZ , Gangneung , Andong, Gyeongju , Gwangju, Buyeo and Suwon. Please share your stories about mentioned cities, or we’ll appreciate any advice from you on which cities that may be suitable options for us .

Oh. By the way, my significant one are huge fan of winter. So this gonna be our deadly must things to do! Any idea about Ski resort? mountain-ish? full of snow? . How about Alpensia Resort, Pyeongchang or Mt. Halla, which one worth the time to spent and money?

Please share it on the comment box below. I would greatly appreciate any ideas.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Dear friends, need advice for South Korea trip

  1. Winter in Korea is brutal. Please take note and be prepared. Last time I was there during February, it went down as low as -17C….and the most highest was -4 which was on the day I just keep on going down…. In March, the highest I could experienced was around 5C..which was great after all the freezing I had to endured before.

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