Which profession is more important : Your Job or My Job?

Every profession has its uniqueness in empowering the nation .  In order to stay on top of the global competition, we need well-qualified people, as the key resource to drive innovation in their respective industries.

Doctor heals people, while writers heals people’s mind. Politician divides people , while magician unites them. Innovator creates wonder while bad guy creates horror. Teacher educates people, while media gives them a choice of broaden their minds. Banks provides money,despite robs us the same time, and you know how the list goes. Everyone is a part of the entire organization,  complete one another.

If you comprehend this clearly, then you will be certain of no industry superior to the other. The strength of specific industry not essentially stands alone. A specific industry strength will not succeed in the absent of other’s industry strength. There is no sector, leads the other, rather, we need each other.

Bear in mind, everyone has equal opportunity being important as much as other people does.  The question is how to be one?

Below is a list of what I think should be there, yes there.

  1. Have a great faith in yourself.
  2. Determine your life mission and work towards cater it
  3. Please be brutally honest about what you do, to yourself, and to others.
  4. You have to work your ass off to get things done, no matter what.
  5. Always learn new things everyday, to stay ahead of the game (your industry).
  6. You don’t chase after all the bullshit in the world, such medal, certification, recognization, this that and whatnot. End of the day, all your time and effort spent will finally pay off.
  7.  Enjoy, have fun and think regularly.
  8. Open your mind up to creative opportunities, to be inspired and inspire others.
  9. Faithful partner.
  10. Please fill this up.

Good night.


3 thoughts on “Which profession is more important : Your Job or My Job?

  1. Interesting points. I’d only disagree with the ‘politician divides people,’ because although a percentage of those who choose the profession do it so with their own interests in mind, politics in itself is as natural as breathing. When you decide to take certain route to work and not another, you’re simply exercising it.
    In what power is concerned, politics is the only way to prevent the strongest from taking everything to themselves, in detriment of everybody else. It’s also the venue to help equalize opportunities, or take them away from people; that’s why we need to participate, as we live in society and need that to interact fairly and live by the rules. Btw, I’m not a politician. I appreciate the overall optimism that exudes from this post. And I agree completely with #7. All the best. Wesley

    1. Perhaps he was talking about the reality that we are facing now, rather than the ideal. Politics does not prevent the strongest from taking form the weakest, it only legitimizes it. We are currently at the mercy of the politicians, who have taken advantage of and ensconsed themselves in what Madison called “the confusion of the multiude”.

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