16 September 1963, Malaysia Day

16 September 1963, is a sacred date for the Federation of Malaysia in the formation of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore as one entity officially.

Originally proposed date of the Malaysia formation day held on June 1, 1963, before it fixed to August 31, in line with the celebration of Independence Day. Alas, there are too many issues has been raised from Indonesia and the Philippines (boundaries issues, etc), until it can only be realized on 16 September.

However, the chosen date of commemorating the ‘Malaysia Day’ has been criticised by many, because it overshadowed the Malaya ‘s Independence day from British colonialism, on August 31. Therefore, the People of Sabah and Sarawak disappointed as of 16 September is the date of independence of their states through the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.

Despite the long-delayed, mainly due to usual lame drama be based on different political stance, finally in 2010, the federal government under Najib Razak, officially announced in Parliament about the recognition of 16 September as Malaysia Day and declared it as a new public holiday in Malaysia.


Though it should have happened sooner, its better late than never. Alas, as some of you might be well aware of, how fragile our people in dealing anything even on a minor issue. There’s nothing new about Malaysian being whiny like a turtle.There’s always a thing to whine about, and no exception in this regard.


Nevermind what color, religion or political beliefs that you subscribed to, because a change for a better world is not a crime. To change, means we need to change the ape-like mentality to something more humanly possible. To change, means breaking the barrier between you and me.To change, means accepting others opinion and eat it.  To change means,  to eat healthier food, thus to lead a better brain. To change means to stop pointing your finger towards others. To change means to enjoy every bit of your life to the fullest. To change means to put a smile on your face no matter what circumstances. To change means we need to have a bigger dream than our ball. I can go on with the list for another hour, but we have enough and some to spare.

We need a change.  We need it badly. Alas, the re-education process will take very long time to reach 27 million peoples entirely. That’s why it needs to start with each one of us.

Malaysian, let’s put aside our gun or the who-has-the-bigger-balls game just for this historic day. Let’s honor the Malaysia Day together as a sign of solidarity among us, despite the 1001 differences between us.

Happy Malaysia Day.


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