The man from nowhere

I was in South Korea for two weeks right after 2 days of my wedding. My wife and me started our journey from Seoul, to Gangwon-do, to Busan, to Yeusu to Mokpo to Jeju and back to Seoul. Nasty weather, awesome people.  People in Korea are generally really friendly, handful and so welcoming. Most of the people that I know say, language is a major problem there, but oddly we didn’t find anything needed to overcoming the barrier.

And now,  back to malaysia, and back to serve my country. Thanks family, comrades, relatives, friends , and for those who came and being a part of my wedding celebration. All beautifully done. May Allah bless us all.

While in Seoul, in the coldest ever recorded while we were there , I watched this show alone, while my wife sleep next to me. Great show.



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