1-day UX exercise

The exercise can be used for focus groups or purely usability test purposes.

The ultimate aim of this exercise is:

  • To avoid uninformed design debates among UX team member.
  • To overcome poor decisions.
  • Fixing underperforming interfaces.
  • Moving forward towards user-centered design approach.
  • To get real feedback from real ‘experts’. (i.e users)
  • To measure the effectiveness of functions’s usability beyond design.
  • Design is time consuming for wrong design.
  • Shaping the team member to be a well-informed UX designer.
Part 1: Design & logic  ( duration 2.5 hours )
  1. Forming a team of 2
  2. Work on wireframe & design prototype.
  3. Team member to identify what is the ‘red route’
  4. Team member will split the task based on modules
  5. Need to ensure that each design ideally backed up by data.
  6. Prepare the design prototype based on real dimension ( i.e desktop, mobile) 
Part 2: Things to measure  ( 30mins )
  1. Present quickly done prototype to team member.
  2. Team member will discuss about what task to be done by participants in order to measure the usability of the layout
  3. Things to measure:
    1. Task completion.
    2. Time spent on task.
    3. Design feedback.
  4. Task example: how to find used BMW in selangor below RM55,000
  5. The task must consist of ‘red route’
  6. Ideally 3 tasks to perform.
Part 3 : Usability test in action  ( Optimistically within 2 hrs )
  1. To ensure the company logo is hidden on the prototype.
  2. Teams to exchange layout.
  3. Every team member will performing usability test with their own notebook & mobile.
  4. Ideally,  20 participants required for one layout.
  5. Team member to record the measurement results ( Measurement items: Part 2 item 3) 
Part 4: Result & Finding. ( duration: 30mins )
  1. Forming a team based on layout
  2. Team member to summarize the results.
  3. Team representative will present the finding and results.
Part 5: Improvement ( duration: 2.5 hours )
  1. The same team will work on enhancement based on crucial improvement.
  2. Design must stick to finding & results.
Part 6: Post Measurement test. 
Internal Presentation
  1. Each design will be present internally. (i.e to coworkers, stakeholders)
  2. Each design will compiled with test results.

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