2017 Overland: Day 1, Lumut

Take off from home a bit late (around 1030) than scheduled plan. We took the non-toll route, shah alam – puncak alam – kuala selangor – sabak bernam – lumut for better journey fulfillment.
First stop was en route to lumut for refuel. Fuel up 55l at RM122.65.

The common road to Lumut was closed due to bridge malfunction, thus we switched direction which took additional 50kms to the destination.

Second stop for lunch, cost at only RM12 for us, no brainer. Wife suggested to go directly to Teluk Batik to find a hotel, alas no luck, all booked.

Back to lumut, estimated 8kms away, we manage to secure a hotel for sleep. Lazy to roaming around due to fatigue and kids, we settled with KFC for dinner, located 200m from hotel.

80% of our initial journey relied on maps.me, quite a game changer for us, as its accessed offline maps. ( good when you’re at no internet area, data saving).


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