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  1. Hi hello and how are you ? Thanks for dropping by and liking my post I do a poem about war every Sunday it is a challenge I have accepted! I loved that version of Fix you , did you record it? Have a good week be well be happy and visit anytime you like! ;) XXX

  2. Hey there,
    I don’t really post much military stuff on my blog (except complaining about my fiance being away with the RFA) so thanks for taking an interest!

  3. When someone with such a command of language, imagination and broad scoped thinking drops by and offers a “like” to my own blog — I am in equal parts honored and humbled. Keep on keeping on — and keep in touch.

  4. Hi,
    Keep on travelling brother, and discover that new world where there’s nothing but the sound of nature serenading peaceful and gentle soul. Where the air is full of love and life. If you’ve found it, please drop me a note, i’ll come and move in :) no high tax pleasee :D

  5. nice flavours…….that peculiarity of memories, like the smell of the leather interior of cars and pipesmoke, the paraffin smell of my grandfather’s garage…..

  6. I fulfilled an ambition a few years ago and went ice-skating in Central Park NYC with my Mum when she turned 60. My next ambition on the list is to see the Northern Lights.
    When I was little girl I wanted to go to the moon (and I still do) but I don’t think that will be possible after all – so I shall have to dream!
    Great blog. Be happy.

  7. Hey! Thanks for visiting my “blog!” Even though it’s totally different from yours! That’s so cool that you’ve been to 29 countries! I love traveling as well, but tied down a the moment. But in the near future hopefully I will travel again!
    I was wondering are you or were you in the military? Or is it just an interest of yours?

      1. thank you bouzinek, i like to read random things generally. that’s how i found yours. HK & Taiwan, is on my list to go . Ah, I’m spiritually in military

  8. What wonderful clips & poems you have collected here! Glad you stopped by & liked our blog, how else would I have found yours?! – Looking fwd to seeing more from you & hope you will visit us again as well!

  9. Thanks for your visit to 3Di and for leaving a like. Your blog got me thinking about how many countries I’ve visited . . . Also about the possibilities of using video in our blog – after we’ve figured out how to do it! Looking forward to seeing more of yours. When you see videos in our blog then you’ll know you were the inspiration! GF

  10. Congratulations on a blog with such a wide field of interest and information. Congratulations on being so well traveled! You have given me so much to investigate and look forward to.

    Thank you for liking a recent post.

  11. Your clip of Sarajevo reminds me of the week we spent there in March 2009. What any eye opener that was for me. For my thoughts on this check out my post “A Catalyst for Personal Change … Bosnia-Herzegovina” on my blog “Eyes to Heart.” … And thank you for visiting my blog and liking the post “Swan …” I appreciate your time and interest. … Be well … Dorothy :-)

  12. Air Squadron, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! It’s always wonderful to see someone new showing up!

    I’m looking forward to checking out more of your posts — and am certainly impressed by the +29-country travel list!

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. I was curious about the Sarajevo clip because I was there before the war. What I could see there didn’t seem to have changed much, except the weather, and we were there in summer!

    Now I feel challenged to count how many countries I’ve been to. It’s 23 indisputably, plus two more if you count just going through on trains and three more again if you count the different bits of the U.K. separately. Poland is one. One more will be added this summer.

  14. I love the feel you’ve created for your blog, and the cover up there is so warm, like something you’d here around a musical home. The song is one of my Coldplay favorites (right behind Green Eyes, which you all should also cover sometime :) Nice job!

  15. Excuse me if I’m a little late here, but thanks so much for following my blog “Word Play – A Place For Pleasurable Procrastination”. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog as well. :-)

  16. Thanks so much for following my blog. I wasn’t even sure if it had posted when I received your message. I discovered Mestre after I failed to find reasonably priced accommodation in Venice. It’s our little secret. Mind you, that was over 30 years ago, so things are probably very different. I never made it to Budapest, but I hear it is lovely. Good luck on your travels.

  17. 29 countries visited…that is amazing! I have only been to 6, with the most intriguing one being Russia! Spent two weeks there during the communist reign and it was very interesting and made me really appreciate my own home with all of its conveniences and freedom. I appreciate your liking my post “A Labor of Love” I write from the heart what the Lord brings my way and love to hear from those who have read them. Please feel free to drop by anytime and share your thoughts. Blessings and stay warm!!! :-)

  18. Oh, wow. That SNOW. I don’t know how you live in it. I really don’t. It gets bitterly cold in Melbourne Australia in winter at times but NEVER snow, snow, snow. It looked very fresh though, beautifully fresh.

    1. Hey Ruthie, pleasure is mine. thanks in return for did the same. Yup, 29 countries to date, isn’t really a big number. Yeah! I stayed in Plein 45, Amsterdam. One of my all-time favorite city ;). Oh, remember, I dont even mention about the weed.

  19. Obviously we either knew each other in a prior life time. Or through some miracle beyond this world. We are actually from the same family tree. I really do enjoy your blog. It is very similar to my thinking. Or should I say my thinking is very similar to yours.

    Be well always.

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