Fight Club

The forth rule of Fight Club is that you do not make Fight Club 2. 

And, the first rule of Fight Club 2 is that you do not ruin the Fight Club 1.

The 856th rule of Fight Club is that there’s no number 1 on the end of Fight Club.

Fight Club 2: Chuck Palahniuk sequel is a ‘meta-fictional comment on the cultural response to the original


Mein Kampf – Volume I, Chapter II: Years of study and suffering in Vienna

When my mother died my fate had already been decided in one respect. During the last months of her illness I went to Vienna to take the entrance examination for the Academy of Fine Arts. Armed with a bulky packet of sketches, I felt convinced that I should pass the examination quite easily. At the REALSCHULE I was by far the best student in the

drawing class, and since that time I had made more than ordinary progress in the practice of drawing. Therefore I was pleased with myself and was proud and happy at the prospect of what I considered an assured success. Continue reading “Mein Kampf – Volume I, Chapter II: Years of study and suffering in Vienna”

Mein Kampf – Volume I, Chapter I: In the Home Of My Parents

It has turned out fortunate for me to-day that destiny appointed Braunau-on-the-Inn to be my birthplace. For that little town is situated just on the frontier between those two States the reunion of which seems, at least to us of the younger generation, a task to which we should devote our lives and in the pursuit of which every possible means should be employed. Continue reading “Mein Kampf – Volume I, Chapter I: In the Home Of My Parents”

‘Parachute Jump’ : Between Discipline and Good Judgement

Neither Ashlock nor any other man in the plane had ever used a parachute.Or been trained on how to do it. McGovern had said to a veteran pilot at Mountain Home Idaho, “Colonel, we’re about through with our training and none of us have had a parachute jump. Shouldn’t we be trained in that?”

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Book I read: Word of Honor (novel)

Overview: Word of Honor is the fifth major novel by American writer Nelson DeMille and the first which involves the Vietnam War. It was originally published in 1985 by Warner Books. Time Magazine referred to it as “The Caine Mutiny of the 80’s”, while Publishers Weekly stated that it is comparable to the classic but has “wider implications”. The novel covers broad themes associated with war, crime and punishment, culpability of leaders, guilt, justice, honor, and the Vietnam War. Continue reading “Book I read: Word of Honor (novel)”