Cold weather hits Klang Valley

Continuous rain and lack of sun the past few days, that’s is what I call ideal weather. The temperature down to 22c, and feels 21-19c when it’s windy. Great opportunity to experience spring-like weather in Klang Valley.

God, thank you for listening, and let it stay this way for couple more days.


Musa, latest in the pack

Assalamualaikum to all family members, and all beloved friends. Sorry for the delay of my response since there’s so many thing to sort out. We are overwhelmingly grateful for all your pray and well wishes.  Continue reading “Musa, latest in the pack”

His name is Adam

My son named Adam. He was born on 1st December 2013 at 6:53AM. Despite having to wait 53 long dramatic hours due to some delivery complications that my wife has endured, everything has gone very smoothly. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks to Allah for everything, PPUM staff for their care and support during my wife’s labor and post-delivery. Thanks to friends and family who visited us despite their busy schedules, and wishes from all over the world.

This is a new chapter and marked as the most important defining moment for us as newly parent.

That priceless moment, when I witnessed the two loves of my life start getting to know each other all over again, thus makes my poor father’s heart melted.

I’m officially a father now.

Song in my head at the moment:

Live and die on this day

It has been awhile since my last post here. Hope there’s still ol friend around.Too busy with so many things lately, becoming a father is one of the major one. It just 2 months away from the expected date of delivery of my son. Thus we were in Krabi, Thailand a week ago for short vacation. Continue reading “Live and die on this day”

The man from nowhere

I was in South Korea for two weeks right after 2 days of my wedding. My wife and me started our journey from Seoul, to Gangwon-do, to Busan, to Yeusu to Mokpo to Jeju and back to Seoul. Nasty weather, awesome people.  People in Korea are generally really friendly, handful and so welcoming. Most of the people that I know say, language is a major problem there, but oddly we didn’t find anything needed to overcoming the barrier. Continue reading “The man from nowhere”

Dear friends, need advice for South Korea trip

Greeting friends,

I and my significant one are planing a trip to South Korea on 30 January untill 9 February next year (2013). Although 10 days may seem like a short time to discover South Korea entirely, we’ll try to make it possible. Anyway, what we’re really looking for is, something relax on the fast travel pace. Both of us enjoy scenic views, ancient temples, rural community and friendly local scene, and as many of you, we do not have endless funds. Continue reading “Dear friends, need advice for South Korea trip”

Deep Inside of You


The uncertainty of being risk taker leads me to nowhere and appeared as the gloomiest form in the past life that I had joined. The misery moment, the darkness world, the hard times, all sort of confusion, the long journey, the sad sky, all things combined into evil force that  try to stopped me from taste the awesomeness of life. ( I may exaggerates here ) Continue reading “Deep Inside of You”