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UX #6 – Usability testing

The primary reason of usability testing is to determine and measure product ( consumer products, software, etc) usability capacity to meet its intended purpose and how the end users perceive it. In software & website usage, the test will be focus mainly to understand how the computer interfaces interact with human.

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Eh Same like BABA

Kids and math

Naval Squadron

Conversation i had between my nephew who is 5 at that and my mum. This conversation was about 8 years ago.

Suhaib : How old are you Umi?

Me : I am 28 years old.How old are you Suhaib?

Suhaib : I am five years old.

Suhaib : How old are you baba (my mum)?

Mom: I am 55 years old Suhaib.

Suhaib : How old is your mother Umi?

Me :She is 55 years old.

Suhaib : Eh, same like Baba??

Suhaib : How old is Atuk (grandfather), Baba?

Mom :Atuk is 58 years old, you asked Umi how old is her father?

Suhaib : How old is your father Umi?

Me : my father is 58 years old.

Suhaib : Eh, same like ……

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