Obstacles… or please just die?

What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now? debt? self-doubt? self-disciplined? working? fail in school? parental expectation? friends? girl? boy? health issues? and the list will continue. Alright,  I guess you may already know which category do you fall into. Let’s move on.

How do you deal with it?  live miserably or fight?

ANSWER 1: Live miserably,
Please swallow grenade and just die

ANSWER 2: Fight
you have balls, and please  continue reading

Do you still remember when was the last time you encounter a significant problems and how you handle it? Be easy..close your eyes, and think cautiously.

Next, please jot down each effectual steps involved in the process of solving. Then take a look at it and do some adjustment if its need, how it can fit in the present scenario. If you can’t remember anything? it’s never too late to start learning all over again, or you can always choose to swallow a grenade.

We are all the same. We all have problems. All problem are (philosophically) same.

Please discipline yourself. Treat each of your problem as challenges and try to solve it equally, no matter how easy or difficult it is.

Taking risks is necessary in order to learn. Never stop learning. It’s been part of one’s journey. Don’t give up, always keep options open. Don’t let yourself doomed in miseries, and please have a courage to counter the pain, and be ready to stand up victoriously.

Featured video: Aron Ralston (Part 1 of 6) Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon


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