Year end expedition: Day 6, Kuala Tahan

After had a breakfast, we roaming around the hotel, accompany kids played foosball for our last day in Century Pines resort in 2017. Continue reading “Year end expedition: Day 6, Kuala Tahan”


Year end expedition: Day 5, Cameron Highlands

We limiting activities today to get enough rest for next route which still undecided. It was so relaxed, only with kids activities right after morning breakfast at hotel and afternoon. Continue reading “Year end expedition: Day 5, Cameron Highlands”

Year end expedition: Day 2, Taiping

Kids being cranky last night, thus leave us few hours to sleep prior next route. Woke up at 0700, and done packing/preparation by 0930, we stop for a quick breakfast nearby, somewhere around Pulau Pangkor jetty terminal before headed to next stop, Taiping. Continue reading “Year end expedition: Day 2, Taiping”