November 5, 2011 : Facebook will be history?

Anonymous announcing plans to destroy facebook, and have set November 5, 2011 as the date. I’m 100% cool about it, BUT WAIT, to blame facebook on selling x information to govt agencies? give me a break. . Don’t you think its your own duty to not exposed your shits in the first place? look at the people around you. Continue reading “November 5, 2011 : Facebook will be history?”


My pick Quotes: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Marriage Counselor: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the happiness of your marriage?
Jane Smith: 8.
John Smith: Wait. Could you clarify? Is 10 the highest? 10 being perfectly happy and 1 being totally miserable or…
Marriage Counselor: Just respond instinctively.
John Smith: Ok. Ready?
Jane Smith, John Smith: 8.

Jane Smith: There’s this huge space between us, and it just keeps filling up with everything that we *don’t* say to each other. What’s that called?
Marriage Counselor: Marriage.

John Smith: [during a car chase] I never told you, but I was married once before.
Jane Smith: [slams on the brakes]
John Smith: What’s wrong with you?
Jane Smith: [hitting John] You’re what’s wrong with me John.
John Smith: It was just a drunken Vegas thing.
Jane Smith: Oh, that’s better. That’s *much* better.
Jane Smith: What’s her name and social security number?
John Smith: No, you’re not gonna kill her.

Book I read: Word of Honor (novel)

Overview: Word of Honor is the fifth major novel by American writer Nelson DeMille and the first which involves the Vietnam War. It was originally published in 1985 by Warner Books. Time Magazine referred to it as “The Caine Mutiny of the 80’s”, while Publishers Weekly stated that it is comparable to the classic but has “wider implications”. The novel covers broad themes associated with war, crime and punishment, culpability of leaders, guilt, justice, honor, and the Vietnam War. Continue reading “Book I read: Word of Honor (novel)”

Mengenal cinta yang hilang

Perjalanan yang panjang itu ada simpang yang banyak,
Simpang yang elok dan tidak,
Penat mencoba setiap simpang, tapi harus tahu pulang ke pangkal jalan.

Banyak simpang yang menunggu,
Dan kita tidak bersendirian berjalan
pokok, angin dan langit..sentiasa disekeliling,
yang tidak bisa jemu,
tika setiap saat dan waktu

Perjalanan bukan bererti pulang,
Ia satu tempoh mengenal cinta, yang hilang.