On the eve of 2012: A reason for change

There’s always a reason why things happen. There is a reason why you were born in the city you lives now. There’s a reason why you smile. There’s a reason why you can’t sleep at night. There’s a reason why you loves rice. There’s a reason why you love your parent. There’s a reason why you longing for an absent feelings. There’s a reason why you haven’t found the right one yet.

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‘Parachute Jump’ : Between Discipline and Good Judgement

Neither Ashlock nor any other man in the plane had ever used a parachute.Or been trained on how to do it. McGovern had said to a veteran pilot at Mountain Home Idaho, “Colonel, we’re about through with our training and none of us have had a parachute jump. Shouldn’t we be trained in that?”

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Obstacles… or please just die?

What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now? debt? self-doubt? self-disciplined? working? fail in school? parental expectation? friends? relationship shitty stuff, health? and the list will continue. Alright,  I guess you may already know which category do you fall into. Let’s move on. Continue reading

Lifetime fighter vs relationship

‘Sometimes I dream about being a good father and a good husband. And sometimes it feels really close. But then other times it seems silly like it would ruin my whole life. And it’s not just a fear of commitment or that I’m incapable of caring or loving because… I can. Continue reading

My Picks Dialogue: The Lake House

Simon Wyler: Where’s your brother?

Alex: I sent him away. He wasn’t feeling well. You know how he is, he worries.

Simon Wyler: Yeah, I know. He gets that from your mother, I’m afraid. She always worried too much.

Alex: What are you looking at?
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Ave you got some sort of problem , lad?

“Ave you got some sort of problem , lad?”
“Don’t think so, Master”
“Then why your department taking 17 hours to come out of solution when the rest of your opponent’s taking less than 14 hours?”
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‘We don’t need Iranian Ambassadors in UK’

Iranian diplomats expelled from Britain after protesters stormed the British embassy in Tehran have arrived home to supporters bearing flowers and chanting.

Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker reports.
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